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My name is Brent McSpadden, owner of The Appraisal Shop and real estate agent with Harry Norman Realtors. I am State of Georgia Certified Residential Appraiser #243374 and salesperson #352823. I have taken over 400 hours of real estate specific courses in addition to a Bachelors Degree in Business Administration from Auburn University. I currently live in Roswell, GA with my wife of 15+ years and two daughters, pictured with me for a recent Father Daughter dance. I have been a full time Real Estate Professional since 2001. I have had the privilege of working for some of the largest lenders and mortgage brokers in the United States for the previous 12+ years. I have personally represented clients in over 6,000 real estate transactions from start to finish. If you hire me to appraise a property, I will be the one who shows up at the property, measures and inspects the property, researches and writes the report as well as placing my opinion of value on the report based on my research. After the appraisal report is complete, I will be available to answer any questions about the report as well as provide additional information my client may desire. It is my opinion these are important aspects of the appraisal process to derive the most accurate value possible.