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real estate appraisals are needed for many different purposes

Most of my individual clients need real estate appraisals for estate, tax appeal, pre-sale, divorce or renovation purposes. I can assist with and offer experienced advice for any of these purposes as well as several other valuation purposes.  I also provide estimated rent amounts to owners who wish to lease their properties as well as potential investment properties.


Estate Appraisals - are often needed for retrospective dates as well as to assist with a current listing price or accounting purposes. Sometimes it is necessary to provide values for the same property on different dates. I have experience in retrospective appraisals going back in time over five years.


Tax Appeal Appraisals - involve providing a value of a property to assist the property owner in appealing a county assessor appraisal amount. Tax appeal appraisals should be based on the same effective date the assessor uses to value the property. I provide free consultation to owners interested in appealing their property tax assessed value.


Pre-Sale Appraisals - are mainly used by real estate agents and sellers to assist in the lending process. The Atlanta market area currently has a shortage of inventory in many different areas and certain price ranges. Inventory shortages often cause spikes in offers by potential buyers that cannot be supported by appraised values. Many real estate agents do not understand the full appraisal process. I can assist by showing the regulations we are forced to follow and the most likely value the lender will be working with.


Divorce Appraisals - are many times contested. I provide well written reports easy to support and defend. This will give your attorney an advantage in negotiation. I can also provide expert witness testimony when necessary. 


Renovation Appraisals - are performed prior to renovations being made to determine the value of the property once the renovation or addition is complete. This helps you determine if the renovation is feasible.